Think like a client, deliver like an agency

We understand that delivering a large transformation or migration can take valuable resources away from trading and business as usual tasks. Aligning the board, internal departments, partners and technology suppliers to a common goal is no easy task.
Our processes, procedures and client and agency experience ensure that you get the best out of all your teams to ensure a successful project delivery.
We seamlessly integrate in to your team to ensure your ecommerce project runs on time and on budget.
Our collaborative approach ensures all stakeholders have a clear line of communication, budgets are transparently managed and our hands-on approach and extensive experience means we can handle problems with effective outcomes before they become showstoppers.
Our tried and tested experiences can support your project in numerous ways:

Board & Senior Stakeholder Steering

Consistent communication with the board and providing them with realistic and transparent appraisals of progress is key to a smooth running project. We span the entire project delivery, so while we provide top-level information on progress, budget and relationships, we also have the detail to answer any awkward, curveball questions most boards will usually have.

Agency & SI Management

Agencies and service integrators need a regular point of contact on the client side to support with information flow and decision making. This will result in them being able to progress more efficiently and effectively. UBQ is the middleware between your business and your agency. We cushion communication to facilitate an open, honest dialogue paired with practical problem-solving skills to deliver on time and on budget with no nasty surprises.

Strategic Insights & Practical Advice

Delivering a large transformation or migration project is a complicated process that often uncovers problems and obstacles with varying opinions on how to tackle them. Our experienced consultants are on hand to provide sound direction and advice to ensure: the correct solutions and decisions are being made; the project is being kept on track; and the integrity of the project requirements are maintained.

Trouble Shooting & Firefighting

It’s not just the big decisions that can cause projects to falter. Our vast experience enables us to foresee many problems before they happen and advise on evasive action which can save time, effort and money.

Budgeting, Negotiation & Cost Control

One of the biggest pain points for any project is spiralling costs. Our approach uncovers upfront the many hidden costs that usually come out over the course of the project. We develop a realistic and detailed budget, not just for delivery but for post go-live too.

Project Control & Communication

Many a good project falls over at some point because businesses fail to install effective communication. Strong project leadership is a critical success factor and a primary contributor to delivering on time and on budget.