Your agency's super hero

We can work on behalf of your client to get the project kicked off and on track
– allowing you to focus on delivering on time and on budget.

A common scenario for agencies....

Months of prospecting, pitching, meetings, presentations and negotiations has finally resulted in the client agreeing to the project. The scope has largely been defined, estimated and timelines have been signed off and the team has been resourced, brought up to speed and is ready to go.

But for some reason, things are not moving quite so quickly on the client side and this has resulted in the project slowing down. This might be down to any number of factors but the most common issues are:

  • client resources are already stretched and there is nobody immediately available to appoint to the project
  • concern that focusing on a large transformation project might impact trading
  • lack of skill-set internally to manage a project of this nature
  • no client-side PMO
  • limited internal alignment and buy-in to both the project and the agency partner appointed to deliver it


UBQ are the ecommerce specialists you need within your clients’ organisation to get the project kicked off and on track. Our blend of client and agency experience plus track record of delivering large ecommerce projects puts us in a unique position.  We support your clients to successfully deliver. Using our detailed management and governance procedures allows you to focus on delivering the project in a timely and profitable way.
We are your single point of contact within the client organisation. UBQ will ensure that communication remains consistent, clear and concise, supporting in the decision making process while helping to safeguard your positive relationship with the client throughout.
We are employed by your client. This retains our status as independent consultants and allows us to be firm but fair with our decision making and recommendations.  
UBQ can help to:
  • get your project on track
  • solve client resource and knowledge short-comings
  • ensure you receive clear decision making and direction from your client
  • maintain project profitability
  • support in trouble shooting and overcoming project obstacles
If you would like to learn how we can support you with your project delivery, get in touch to learn more.